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Office in Warsaw
ul. Cybernetyki 21
02-677 Warszawa

tel: +48 22 32 52 100
fax: +48 22 32 52 101
1.Requested scope of service:
(a) VAT documentation for a foreign entity
(b) bookkeeping only
(c) bookkeeping + payroll
(d) bookkeeping + payroll & personnel files
2.Full name, including legal status
3.Address of domicile
4.Does the entity possess any specific legal status ? (e.g. ZPCh, OPP) - what status ?
5.Year of incorporation
6.Description of the primary operating activities (production, services, trading). Number and description of locations the entity operates in.
7.Accounting software used (G/L, Fixed Assets, Warehouse, Payroll & Personnel)
8.Name of the current accounting firm
9.Average number of accounting documents per month
10.Number of tangible and intangible fixed assets
11.Number of cash-desks and bank accounts - what currencies
12.Average number of business trips per year
13.Operating leases, financial leases, credits, loans, debt securities - how many and what currencies
14.Number of employees employed on the basis of labour contracts governed by the Labour Code
15.Number of people employed on the basis of other work contracts governed by the Civil Code (monthly average)
16.Number of members of the Management Board and of the Supervisory Board receiving remuneration for their function in the respective Board
17.Applied work systems (fixed hours, shifts, night shifts, seasonal work) to employees referred to in point 14 - number of heads under each category
18.Applied payroll systems (fixed salary, bonuses, per item wages, hourly wages, other fixed or varying components) to employees referred to in point 14 - number of heads under each category
19.Please, describe your additional expectations and requirements regarding financial, tax and management reporting
20.Please, describe other expectations and requirements
21.Contact person (name, telephone no, e-mail)

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