Information on cookies

Basic information about cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (PC, tablet, smartphone), in which the settings and other information used by the websites you visit are stored. Cookies used by our website, after we obtain your consent, are sent to the browser you are using and stored there; on subsequent visits to the website, your browser sends the website information about the cookies stored.

There are the following types of cookies:

  • first party cookies, which contain information that can only be decoded by the website you are currently visiting;
  • third party cookies, which are not generated by the website you visit but only by the websites with which the visited website is integrated. In the case of files of this kind, I cannot influence the scope of the collected information and I am not responsible for the proper protection of your privacy;
  • persistent cookies, which are stored on your terminal device and remain there until they are deleted with the appropriate tools of your browser;
  • session cookies,which are stored on your terminal device and remain there until the end of the browser session. After the session is over, the stored information is permanently deleted from your terminal device.

More details about the cookies used by our website are presented below.

Cookies and other tools used by our website

Purposes of using cookies

The communication between Ak-Audyt’s website and your browser, which is made possible by the website’s first party cookies, is always subject to the primary purpose, that is to optimise the website to your needs. Both functional and statistics cookies serve this purpose. The individual purposes of the cookies used are precisely defined in the table below. These are in particular:

  • distinguishing between users,
  • detection of user language,
  • collecting information on how users use the site,
  • improving the functioning of the website,
  • saving the user session,

Some third party cookies may process information about the visit to my website in order to optimise and adapt marketing content to your needs and interests. In such cases, I have no influence on the actions taken by third party administrators.

Types of statistical tools and cookies used at Ak-Audyt

Google Analytics. Using this service helps me to understand how users use our website and, as a result, allows me to improve it on the basis of the collected statistical data. The information is collected automatically and, in principle, it is not associated with your other data that is processed by Google. Despite this, to ensure the confidentiality of your data, I use, among other things, the function of shortening the IP address of user terminal equipment.

Cookie name Purpose of the cookie Persistent/
session cookie

for processing

_gat_UA to monitor the enquiry rate for own servers session 1 minute Your consent is given by clicking on the “Consent” button.
To revoke your consent, click the “Change cookie decision” button at the bottom of the page and click “No consent”.Remember to remove cookies from your browser before or after revoking your consent.
_ga to distinguish between users for the purpose of collecting information about website visits persistent 2 years
_gid to distinguish unique users session 24 hours


reCaptcha. Using this tool allows us to protect our website from spam.

Purpose of the cookie Persistent/
session cookie
Consent to the use
of the cookie
NID external cookies which are used by Google to create maps (for the product locator) and
CAPTCHA images in order to protect our website from spam.
session 6 months yes


Other cookies  In addition to Google Analytics and reCaptcha cookies, our website uses plugin cookies, which are necessary for the operation of the website and are listed in the table below.

Purpose of the cookie Persistent/
session cookie
Storage period
Basis for processing
cookie_notice_accepted proper operation of the website session 1 month Art. 6.1.f – legitimate interest of the Controller
pll_language checking the language selected by the user session 1 year Art. 6.1.f – legitimate interest of the Controller
_osm_totp_token Plik cookie mapy OpenStreet session 1 day Art. 6.1.f – legitimate interest of the Controller
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